Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet children who make my heart art-happy...

This is Morgan and Conner, my every Wednesday pre-schooler groupies.  We have a standing date to walk in the park - when it's not pouring down rain- and visit both the Coos Bay and North Bend Libraries.  The two of them really enjoy the story hour lady, Sally Simpkins, and her theme today was about SMILES.  After the songs and wiggles and stories, Morgan and Conner cut out pictures of people and animals with SMILES and glued them to a white paper blank canvas, their first 11"x14" collage!  Certainly worthy of a public display on the fridge!


  1. Adorable pictures Nadine! Adorable children Grandma!

  2. Thank you, Patti! And thanks too for the blog help- I'll catch on soon!

  3. So awesome to see your starting posts, I always love your pics of the grandkids too!


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