Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Gathering

Our family has an old cemetery plot right smack dab on private land (not owned by us).  The people who own the land graciously allow us to trek across their property and climb over the fence to open the gate to where our ancestors are buried.  Once there, we clean up the site, have prayers of thanksgiving and those who are older, tell stories of what is still known and remembered about our departed relatives.  These are the family members who were there Memorial Day Eve.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boardwalk, downtown Coos Bay

downtown Coos Bay ART

Commercialism and true ART greet visitors in downtown Coos Bay, Oregon

3 Grandkids

Kay-Lee, Conner and Michael - all together now - CHEESE

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kathleen's Tussie Mussie

At our OCEAN etsy street team meeting tomorrow,  each of will bring a tussie mussie we've made to honor our dear friend, Kathleen.  Kathleen was the Tussie Mussie Queen, introducing us to the art.  I know none of us will match her exquisite masterpieces, but we will do our best!  This is one of Kathleen's creations.

Sea Nettles (jellyfish)

Stood for a long time watching the fluid movement of these finely detailed creatures...

Seahorse at Newport Aquarium

The children AND the adults enjoyed visiting the aquarium...

My Last Birthday

Was the best birthday ever.   We celebrated at the beach and aquarium in Newport, Oregon.  Here are grandkids Conner, Mallory, Tanner, Lane, and Max playing in the surf.

McCullough Bridge

This was where our Wednesday walk started and ended today.


Conner and Morgan on the nature walk.  He is holding his favorite toy of the day, a stack of little drinking cups.  She is holding him.  They were delightful in their search for bears and snakes and "wolfs."


I think Conner found the culprit that likes to nibble on foliage...

Wild Strawberry Plant

Little plant we found along the way.  Looks like some animal has been munching on the petals...

A Walk on the Wild Side

Today my grandson and BFF walked with me through the woods.  They were looking for bears and snakes while I enjoyed the  peace and beauty of the Spring greens.
Thank you, Patti of  She took one of my photos of wild blackberry leaves and turned it into a banner and background for my blog.  I am really pleased with how it looks when she used her creative juice to personalize it for me.  KUDOS, Patti!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AZALEA Opening

8x10 photo of AZALEA Opening sold yesterday to AMALIE'S ARMFULS.  It has been slow on etsy lately so this transaction was encouraging.

Newest member of our Family

Sweet Bessie and her 3 week old calf, Cocoa.

ART COLLAGE bt Patti Koosed

OCEAN team member and friend, Patti Koosed makes personalized collages for people. 
Find her work at