Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Gathering

Our family has an old cemetery plot right smack dab on private land (not owned by us).  The people who own the land graciously allow us to trek across their property and climb over the fence to open the gate to where our ancestors are buried.  Once there, we clean up the site, have prayers of thanksgiving and those who are older, tell stories of what is still known and remembered about our departed relatives.  These are the family members who were there Memorial Day Eve.


  1. Wow Nadine that is unique. I always wondered how many people were actually buried on their own property from days of old.
    Nice you could be with your family this memorial day and even nicer that you were able to find the graves.

  2. What a tradition! My family plot is way over in eastern oregon. Kimberly Oregon. But it is cool too, as my great grandmother first came to that area in a covered wagon! Lots of distant relative there. All ranchers.


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